Friday, 17 February 2012

Me and my Hope...

Hi there.. we meet again in my blog after a few months being silence... (n_n) sorry for that... i don't have a good reason why i'm being silence in my blog but i try the best as i can to update once a week or maybe a month? hehe... i can't promise that actually...

So... i'm stopped update since December huh.. hhhuuummm there are so many things happened util now.... 1stly my Christmas last year, i think it's not really work nicely... why??? i hope i can tell that but better i kept it.. all i can say is just i hope this year, I will celebrate Christmas with full of joy, meaningful and Bless by our God Almighty.. (n_n) But not all the time not happy, because near to celebrate New Year, it is one of the best moment i ever had... and i thankful to God that He gave me a wonderful people and moment in my life... i want to learn to appreciate all things that God has gave to me.. why i said 'try'?? because i'm not perfect.. sometimes, i can't accept the thing that happen to me, and i feel that it really unfair to me.. but i know, i have to be strong and be patient and try to accept it even slowly.. more better isn't it..(n_n)

I welcome New Year with open heart.. Happy and thankful for the Blessing along 2011 and come to 2012 with so much planning, dreams, hope and everything that i want to achieve.. not only me, but also to my family, and my love one.. i had put each of them in my dreams and i hope it will be comes true...  it is because, i Love them.. so very much...(n_n) And i believe in God that He always listen our prayer that when we ask the right thing, He will give us... Our God is super Wonderful right..(n_n)

Now, i'm focus of what i want to achieve and i believe in my self that i will make it but not only because of my effort unless because of Jesus Christ that will make it happen... That is my goal that makes me hoping that soon it will come to me.. now, what i have to do is, work as hard as i can and P.U.S.H = Pray Until Something Happen.....  GOD BLESS US ALL...(n_n)

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